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self love February 15, 2015

Filed under: Class Info — Marielle School @ 9:29 pm

Yoga is my journey in Life.

Practicing yoga is a gift, it is being entirely generous to me.

It has given me ground to stand on and to build on. I feel secure and held, where before I felt insecure and lonely. I belong to the earth now. I am her child.

I can breath with ease and this connects me to my world: my daughter, my work, nature, my community. Through my relationship with breath I receive new eyes that can see with love.

Steadiness in my thoughts and feelings help me to stay open and vulnerable. I am not afraid to get hurt because every single experience is my path, my opportunity to extend who I am.

My mat and my body. Thanks for the simplicity of Yoga, it is there for me, always, no fail.

In my seated practice I feel showered with energy and love.

I have such respect for all of us, yogi’s, coming together to practice. In silence, in willingness to be exposed, to let go and to accept the new, the shift andYoga2 the grace.



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