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springtime March 8, 2015

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Today my house mates and me played Frisbee on the lake. I was in my gumboots, splashing around in the water on the ice. The sun was bright, it was intoxicating.  people and dogs were everywhere enjoying each others company.

Life is simple and beautifulDSC06409.

celebrating the elements: sun, snow, ice, water and little patches of the dark earth becoming visible.

March in Wisconsin is a treat for me, to hear the dripping sounds of water everywhere, to come out of my house in a sweater and to embrace movement and the gentle air.

In yoga there is an invitation to explore back bends, heart opening, nurturing poses for the lunges. And at the same time to find  grounding and stability in all this change!



One Response to “springtime”

  1. Karen Says:

    This makes me smile!!

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