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new experiences April 4, 2015

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After a yoga class I had a cup of tea in the lobby. There was a message on the cup. It said: ‘If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done’ -Thomas Jefferson.

I loved it. It is such a simple concept, brilliant.

I looked in my life for the places of lack in my life. I could receive more income, cash flow. I could improve on self care, more time alone to meditate and to practice my own personal yoga at home.

Both places of lack urged me to step up in my life and to create space and a willingness to create and to receive.

I immediately knew that I had to let go of my main job and to invite in a creative vision of myself as an artist and a healer.

When I took the action step and I gave notice for my job, it immediately brought me in a brand new experience of myself. There was trust in the letting go. I felt so happy and taken care of.

This was ‘the something’ I’ve never had: trust and excitement about my new life, without needing the confirmation that the new experience was in place.

And this338 was my willingness to do something I had never done. Jumping in the big ocean, trusting the process of life that when I close a door, other doors will open. Maybe not exactly in my timing, but for sure in harmony with the universe.

I could feel the ground strongly supporting me, I could hear the birds sing outside of my window and I thoroughly enjoyed the memory of home that, that lovely sound awakened in me.

Thanks, Thomas Jefferson!





2 Responses to “new experiences”

  1. Marielle School Says:

    Thanks Marielle. Happy easter! Best regards, Marielle School from Holland / Heesch

  2. Mary Mulenburg Says:

    Beautiful Marielle, and bravo! Love the inspiring quote, thanks for your sharing your thoughts.

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