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EatBreatheThrive September 18, 2015

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In June I had the privilege to fly out to New York to take the course: EatBreatheThrive. This course helps heal our inner wounds regarding self image and disordered eating.

It was an amazing experience for me.

When I walked into the room and I heard the story of the founder, Chelsey, It took me deep into my own deep wired believes of myself and my body. Simultaneously it offered a holding space to me to open up for a new experience, the gently yoga poses and the tracking meditation helped me to connect with my body in a very healing and nurturing way. But the most wonderful aspect of the group was the companionship, it was strengthening and heart warming to not have to go through this process alone.

I was listened to, loved and hugged and slowly the resistance melted away. I received all this love and a whole new set of shiny tools with it!

On the 9th of October, Sarah Higgins and me will start our own EatBreatheThrive course in Madison. It will be a 6 weeks course. We are very excited about it and passionate about it’s goal: to reconnect women with their intuitive wisdom and to help them heal from self image issues and disordered eating.

Check out our postcard and let yourself have this experience. Or please let others know that could benefit of this course. There are scholarships available.

Love and peace,


Thrive Tribe Madison Postcard


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