Marielle School Yoga

Marielle August 2, 2010

Marielle is a mother, an artist and a yoga-instructor.
She was born in Holland and she moved to the USA to study and to teach A Course in Miracles.
She dedicates herself to help people with food-addiction through her program: ‘It Matters Totally’ that combines A Course In Miracles with self-care and self expression.
She would love to share her knowledge and the simplicity of her experience with the path of Yoga. She believes in ‘Yoga for everyone’ and her classes are focused on meeting her students where they are, to help release tension and to bring awareness, balance and joy in their lives.


6 Responses to “Marielle”

  1. Anke van Heijningen Says:

    Dear Marielle,

    I am Anke van Heijningen and live in Brooklyn, Iowa. My husband found a job in central Wisconsin and we are planning to move asap. We found a place in Lyndon Station where we will get settled in July. I love Zumba, but I’ve never attended real zumba classes by a zumba instructor, just following zumba by videos. I was wondering if I could stop in some time to try a class by you as soon as we live in Lyndon Station, WI? If yes, what would your schedule be, and what are the prices. Thank you very much.

    P.s. Your name sounds really Dutch, are you from The Netherlands?

    • Hi Anke,
      hoe is het met je?
      heb je al een Zumba klas gevonden? binnenkort ga ik in the wellness center of Ho Chunck Zumba les geven. Zal je laten weten wanneer?
      Gelukkig nieuw jaar!

  2. Rodrigo Says:

    Marielle, It’s such a coincidence you teach the course in Miracles. I started reading the book in 2011-2012 but gave up for the difficulty. Then a year or so later I was given with a free version in Spanish my first language and still found it difficult to read, so I tried contacting people who read or teach the book. Finally found a group in but their meetings timeconflict my work schedule, so I haven’t been able to participate. I just read 100 or so pages of the book to be honest with you, but starting from that one, several more that in some way are connected. I have learned a lot from books since I learnt English, and hope I can get connected to a real person who can help me in my search for the Enlightenment. I am going to start Yoga with you and go from there. My name is Rodrigo, I think you remember me and my phone 608 338 3672. I will try to contact you this coming week.

    • Hi Rodrigo,

      Thank you for your message, Rodrigo, It will be a gift to me to share the Course with you. I do the lesson everyday and it helped enrich my life so much. I don’t know what your schedule is like this coming weekend. But the Course in Miracles exists for 50 years and there is a big reunion in Wisconsin Dells starting on Friday night. Let me know if you are interested and I can give you more information about it. Feel free to call me (432-2286) I will be looking forward to you attending my class. See you soon. Best wishes,

  3. Mike Says:

    The art organization I belong to is … Wisconsin Visual Artists. WVA Membership is $40 per year.
    You can go to the site and get a good feel for the group.

  4. Mudita Rastogi Says:

    Hi Marielle, it was so lovely to meet you on the plane ride back from DEL. I enjoyed learning about your work and and your life.
    Here is the Indian actress who looks like she could be your sister! Her name is Kalki Koechli and this is her Wikipedia link
    Hope to stay in touch.

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